Magic Loop Toe-Up Socks:  Fridays, Nov. 7, 14, and 21 at 10:15.  $40.  This is a great class to learn how to make socks using the Magic Loop technique.  Lots of fun and preferred by many.  Experience required: you must have successfully completed knitting socks in the traditional manner.

OOPS!!: Thursday, Nov. 13 at 10:00.  $10.  Another favorite class around here.  If you want to learn to read your stitches and fix common knitting errors, this is for you!


      Due to health and vacation issues, we will not be offering our usual collection of classes during the month of July.  The ongoing Sampler Afghan classes will meet Thursday, July 24 and Saturday, July 26.

     Please watch for August class listings soon.           fireworks_colorful

November – December Classes

Try something new for the Holidays!


 first socks     First Socks:  Fridays, Nov. 8, 15, and Dec. 6 at 10:15.  $30.00.  Are you anxious to learn basic sock construction techniques?  Socks are so much fun to knit and make great gifts for anyone. 



spiral hat       Spiral Hat:  Saturday, November 9 at 10:00.  $10.00. Knit this fun and popular hat with one of our colorful yarns for the rainbow effect. 




lace washcloth      Lace Washcloth: Thursday, November 14 at 10:00.  $10.00.  If you have never tried a lace project, this is a great place to start.  Once you learn the basic technique of making a ‘lace stitch’, your project world opens up to all kinds of beautiful work.  This fun easy linen piece makes a great gift.



 class models 002     Beginning Knitting:  Thursdays, Nov. 21, Dec. 5,  and 12 at 10:00.  $30.00.  Learn all the basic knitting stitches and create two small projects. 



 October cowl      October Cowl: Saturday, Nov. 23 at 10:00.  $10.00.  Knit this simple cowl with a ‘faux cable’ pattern.  Use a soft yarn like Pure Alpaca by Cascade. 


 tuesday night cowl    Tuesday Night Cowl: Friday, Dec. 13 at 10:15.  $10.00.  Knit this popular ‘folded cable’ cowl with a worsted or a chunky yarn.




          Please drop by or call the shop at 540-206-2638 to register for a class.  We hope you will find time during this busy season to learn something new or just join us for some knitting fun.




OCTOBER  CLASSES:  There is still time to register for workshops and Breast Cancer Awareness KnitAlongs

crochet glove                      **Fingerless Crochet Mitts:  fun easy crochet pattern for fingerless mitts.  Thursday, Oct. 3 at 10:00.  $10

duplicate stitch      **Embellish a Knit:  Have you ever wanted to add a design to a knit sweater or other item?  Learn how to add a duplicate stitch, embroidered design, decorative item, fun buttons, etc.       Saturday, Oct. 5 at 10:15.    $10

**Cancer Bracelet:  knit a very simple cable cuff.  Thursday, Oct. 10 at    10:00.  No fee.

hitchhiker shawl      **Hitchhiker Shawl:  Start working on this favorite fun shawl.    Saturday, Oct. 12 at 10:15.  $10.00

October cowl   **Cancer Cowl:  knit a simple cowl in your choice of soft yarn.  Thursday, Oct. 17 at 10:00. No fee.

slippers      **Seamless Salomas Slippers:  knit a fun, easy seamless slipper, great for gifts.  Friday, Oct. 18 at 10:15.  $10.00

 cancer hat **Cancer Hat:  try a simple but sweet chemo cap.  Thursday,

Oct. 24 at      10:00.  No fee.

**Filet Crochet (Lace):  Learn the Filet Crochet technique and make a  fun Halloween piece.  Saturday, Oct. 26 at 10:15.  $10.00


cancer scarf **Cancer Scarf:  Begin an easy scarf with a chunky yarn.  Thursday, Oct. 31 at 10:00.  No fee.

Please call us at 206-2638 to register for a class.

July- August Class Schedule

 class models 002Beginning Knitting:  Wednesdays, July 10, 17, 24, and 31 at 10:00.  $40.00.   Learn basic stitches and create two small projects.

 confused   Where am I on This Old Project?:  Thursdays, July 11 or August 8 at 10:00.       $10.00.  Have a project sitting around and you don’t know where you are in your pattern?  Come for one of these sessions (or both) and we will help  you get started again. 

 knitting mistakes   OOPS!  How to Correct Knitting Mistakes:  Thursdays, July 18 or August 15    at 10:00.  $10.00.  Too many OOPS in your knitting?  Learn how to analyze   your stitches and correct common mistakes.  Come for one or both sessions.

picking up stitches    Picking up Stitches at Neck or Armhole:  Thursday, July 25 at 10:00.  $10.00.    Many sweaters and vests require picking up stitches around the neck or  the armhole.  Learn the basic technique and become comfortable with this     necessary skill.

seam stitch   Sewing Seams: Thursday August 1 at 10:00.  $10.00.  How many sweater pieces   do you have sitting around the house waiting to be joined into a complete  sweater?  Learn and become comfortable with this important technique  and you can finish your sweater.

 UltraPimaSummerWaves   Summer Waves Sweater:  Saturdays, July 13, 27, August 10, and 24 at 10:00. $40.00.   Join us for this wonderful top-down cardigan with a fun lace pattern.  Try something new with us if you have never done one.  See model in the shop.

Beginning Crochet:  Wednesdays, August 7, 14, 21, and 28 at 10:00.  $40.00.  First session is for beginners; the following classes will introduce other fun crochet stitches.  Join us for one or all classes.

Ongoing Opportunities: 

Sit and Knit: Tuesdays, 10:00-12:00, 1:30-3:30, and Wednesdays, 1:30- 3:30              

Sit and Stitch: Wednesdays, 10:00-12:00                                                              

Open Knit Class:  Thursdays, 1:30-3:30.  Sit and Knit with extra help available for $5.00.                                                                                                                      

Needlepoint Club:  Saturdays, July 20 and August 17 at 10:00.  Bring a   needlepoint project and join the group fun.  New stitches and canvases are  shared.


            We hope you will join us for a workshop or extended class.  We have lots of fun learning, knitching, and yacking.  Call us at 206-2638 to register for a class.  If your travel plans interfere, let us know and we are usually able to meet with you at other times to keep you current.

Remember, we have lots of bags for your knitting or needlepoint projects for all your travelling needs. 

fireworks_colorful             fireworks_colorful                 fireworks_colorful




 Spring Has Arrived!

 and we feel as busy as new spring chicks!

     Spring is going to go by quickly with everything going on, but we hope you will find time in our limited May-June Class Schedule to join us for a fun learning opportunity.

May and June Class Schedule

Beginning Knitting:  Thursdays, May 9, 16, 23, and June 6 at 10:00.  $40.00.  Learn basic stitches, language, and techniques to start your knitting adventure and create two small projects.

Preemie Sweater:  Saturdays, May 4 and 11 at 10:00.  $20.00.  Learn basic sweater construction techniques with a small project.

First Pair of Socks:  Fridays, May 17, 24, and June 7 at 10:15.  $30.00.  You know how to knit and want to knit your first pair of socks?  Learn basic sock construction techniques and language and make your first (or second) pair of socks.

Two-at-a-Time, Toe-Up Socks:   Saturdays, May 25, June 1 and 8 at 10:15.  $30.00  Why do one sock at a time when you can do both?  Learn to use the Magic Loop technique.

Picking up Stitches:  Thursday, June 13 at 10:00.  $10.00.  This is an easy skill that many knitters tend to forget how to do but is required in many types of patterns.  Learn this important skill and its importance in the world of knitting.

Design Your Own Sweater:  Fridays, June 14 and 28 at 10:15.  $20.00.  Using our Sweater Wizard program, design your own pattern using your choice of yarn, style, and accurate size.

Sewing Seams:  Thursday, June 20 at 10:00.  Do you have sweater pieces sitting around that need to be sewn together and completed?  Or have you avoided making a sweater because you didn’t know how to finish one?  This class will help you get over the fear and learn a technique to gain confidence and competence.

Ongoing Opportunities:

Needlepoint Club:  Saturdays, May 18 and June 15 at 10:00.

Sit and Knit:  Tuesdays, 10:00-12:00, 1:30-3:30, and Wednesdays, 1:30-3:30

Sit and Stitch:  Wednesdays, 10:00-12:00                                                                                           Open Knitting Class:  Thursdays, 1:30-3:30.  $5.00.  Need a little extra help with a project and some knitting time?                                    

       Come by the shop or call us at 206-2638 to register for a class.

March and April Classes

 class models 002         Beginning Knitting:  Thursdays, March 7, 14, 21, and 28 from 10:00-12:00.  $40.00  Learn basic stitches and create two small projects.       


cabled hat         Cable Hat and Fingerless Mitts:  Saturdays, March 2, 9, 23, and 30 from 10:00-12:00.  $40.00.   Are you ready to learn how to knit cables?  Never made mittens before?  This fun hat combo is a great way to master basic cable techniques and learn the fundamentals of mitten structure.  

knitting mistakes        OOPS!  How to Fix Knitting Mistakes:  Thursday, March 7 from 1:30-3:30.  $10.00.  Tired of making the same mistakes over again without being able to fix them?  Learn to recognize correct stitch structure and how to fix common errors.               

mohair         Handling Your Mohair! Friday, March 8, 10:15-12:15.  $10.00.  Afraid to knit with mohair yarns?  Want to learn some tips for working with this beautiful fiber?  Don’t know what to knit with our large selection of mohair yarns?  Come prepared to play with some good stuff and maybe go home with a new project.  If you miss the class, come by anytime to learn more about mohair.                                          

      Girl’s Best Friend Beaded Scarf:  Friday, March 15 from 10:15 to 12:15.  $14.00 includes the beads. Join us for this popular and fun class learning how to knit with beads using a basic knit pattern.  

Tunisian Crochet BlanketThursdays, March 21and 28 from 1:30-3:30.  $20.00. Must know how to crochet (chain, single, and double stitches).  Learn three stitches with this fun and popular technique and create a lovely small blanket.

Footies:  Fridays, March 22 and April 12, 10:15-12:15.  $20.00.  Do you want to knit a pair of socks but don’t want to commit to the time?  Try these cute footy/slippers.  

 Fun Drops Cowl:  Friday, April 19, from 10:15 to 12:15.  $10.00.  Do you need one more cowl before spring arrives?  Have fun with this easy drop stitch cowl. 

 Charting Beaded Designs in Knitting:  Friday, April 26 from 10:15 to 2:00.  $18.00 includes beading and charting supplies.  Learn to create a beaded design for a knitting project.    

 Needlepoint Stitch Shading:  Friday, April 5 from 10:00-2:00.  Learn a beautiful stitch technique to enhance your needlepoint color shading.       shading


Needlepoint Club:  Saturdays, March 16 and April 20 at 10:00.  No fee.  Join a group committed to learning new techniques and having fun.  Bring your current project or find a new canvas and join the stitching.

Ongoing Opportunities: 

Sit and Knit:  Tuesdays, 10:00-12:00 and 1:30-3:30 and Wednesdays, 1:30-3:30.  No fee.

Sit and Stitch:  Wednesdays, 10:00-12:00.  Needlepoint open and help time.  No fee.

Open Knitting Class:   Thursdays, March 14 and April 4, 11, 18, and 25.   This is an opportunity for more intense support and instruction with your knitting project.  $5.00





January and February Classes

class models 002 Beginning Knitting: Saturdays, January 5, 12, and 26 at 10:00.  $30.00.  Learn the basic stitches and techniques to create 2 small projects and set you confidently on the road to being a ‘knitter’!

 knitting mistakes       OOPS!  Thursday, January 10 at 10:00 for $10.00.  Learn various techniques to fix your knitting errors with confidence. 

pretty_chilly_worsted_small_best_fit       First Hat Plus:  Thursdays, January 17, 24, and 31 at 10:00.  $30.00.  Called First Hat Plus because of the combination of skills you will learn or practice:  knitting in the round on circular and double-pointed needles, a beginning lace stitch, and a beginning cable stitch.  This is the perfect opportunity to learn any or all of these skills, enabling many more pattern choices in your future. 

linen stitch        Linen Stitch Project:  Thursday, January 17 at 1:30.  $10.00.  Required: confident basic knitting skills.   Learn  how to knit  the beautiful Linen Stitch and begin either a dish cloth or a scarf.       

brioche       Brioche Knitting:  Friday, January 18 at 10:15.  $10.00.   For intermediate knitters, this is a fascinating technique for a hat project. 

 double knitting       Double Knitting: Friday, January 25 at 10:15.  $10.00.  Another fun advanced technique that produces a two layer, reversible fabric. 

 entrelac       Basic Entrelac:  Thursday, January 31 at 1:30.  No fee.  Another fun advanced technique useful in many projects.  

 ornament finishing     

Needlepoint Ornament Finishing:  Friday,   February 1, 10:30-3:00.  $25.00.   Finish your own round ornament and appreciate all the time and effort it takes our professionals!

crochet hat         Beginning Crochet:  Saturdays, February 2, 9, and 23 at      10:00.  $30.00.  Learn basic crochet techniques and stitches and create this cute hat.

                   first socksFirst Socks:  Thursdays, February 7, 14, and 21 at 10:00.  $30.00.  Learn the basic language and techniques of sock construction and leave with your first sock!  

 Chinese New Year Tea:  Friday, February 8 at 10:15.  $10:00.  Knit a basic lovely teapot cosy and enjoy a very special treat. 

fair isle hat        First Fair Isle Hat:  Thursday, February 14 at 1:30.  $10.00.    Already know how to knit in the round and ready  to learn how to knit with two yarns at one time?  Here is the perfect project.  Check on pre-class work required to be ready for color work.

ndpt tools        Tips, Tricks, Tools, and Threads:  Beginning Needlepoint:  Fridays, February 15 and 22 at 10:00.  $20.00.  Learn several basic needlepoint stitches and discover the thrill of working with different fibers with this fun sampler class.  

 yex shawl       Design Your Own Multi-Yarn Shawl: Thursday, February 28 at 10:00.  $25.00.  Bring a favorite stash yarn(s) or just play with our fun stash to design your own ball of yarn to create a beautiful shawl.

Ongoing Sessions:

*Sit and Knit:  Tuesdays 10:00-12:00, 1:30-3:30, Wednesdays 1:30-3:30.  No fee.

*Sit and Stitch: Wednesdays 10:00-12:00.  No fee.

*Needlepoint Club:  Saturdays, January 19 and February 16, 10:00-12:00.  No fee.

*Open Knitting Class:  Open opportunity for more intense help with your knitting or crochet project, $5.00.  Thursdays, Jan. 3, 10, 24, Feb. 7, and 21 at 1:30. 

Please call us at 206-2638 or come by the shop to ask questions, see the models, register, and pay for classes.

Happy  Knitching  in  2013!


Beginning Knitting:  Thursdays, December 6, 13, and 20 at 10:00-12:00. $30.00.  Learn basic stitches and techniques, create 2 small projects, and be prepared to take off with new projects.

First Socks:  Thursdays, November 8, 15, and 29 at 10:00-12:00.  $30.00.  Intermediate knitting skills required- must be able to knit, purl, and knit in the round.  Life will never be the same after you learn these sock basics!

Seven Skills Cowl:  Fridays, November 30 and December 7 at 10:00-12:00.  $20.00.  Advanced Beginner- must be able to knit and purl.  This fun project is for the advanced beginner who wants to learn more techniques!

Log Cabin Knitting:  Thursday, November 29 at 1:30-3:30.  $10.00.  Advanced Beginner- must be able to knit.  Learn the basic techniques for creating a ‘log cabin’ afghan or placemat.  We will get you started!  Homework preparation to be done before first class:  With center afghan color, cast on 20 stitches and knit 40 rows.  Bind off to last stitch, but do not bind off last stitch.  Leave last stitch on needle. Cut yarn leaving a 6” tail.  Learn more about yarn requirements when you register for class.

Something fun and different for the holiday season!                        Read Along (or not), Knit Along-  A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens    Advanced Beginner- must be able to knit, purl, and knit in the round.

Saturday, November 24 at 10:00-12:00.  $10.  Ebenezer’s Sleeping Cap  

Saturday, December 1 at 10:00-12:00.  $10.  Jacob Marley’s Chain Scarf       

Saturday, December 8 at 10:00-12:00.  $10.  Ghostly Cowl       

To register or learn more about these classes, call us at 540-206-2638 or come by the shop.  We request payment at time of registration to reserve your spot.  No matter if you need time to work on holiday presents,  a unique place to shop, or an escape from the hustle and bustle of the seasons, drop by for some fun.

September and October

Class Schedule

Turkish Wave Shawl:  Thursday, Sept. 13,  10:00-12:00.  $10.00  Intermediate knitting.  Must be able to knit, purl, yarnover, and be comfortable working with lace or fingering weight yarns.  Use a unique Turkish Stich to create a beautiful shawl.  Model is on display at the shop.

Beginning Knitting:  Thursdays, Sept. 20, 27, and Oct. 4,  10:00-12:00.   $30.00  Learn basic knitting stitches including increasing and decreasing.  Create 2 small projects.

Tunisian Crochet Shawl:  Saturdays, Sept. 29 and Oct. 6,  9:30-11:00.  $20.00.  Must know how to crochet (chain, single, and double stitches).  Model is on display at the shop.  

Two-at-a-Time Toe-Up Socks with Magic Loop:  Thursdays, Oct. 11, 18, and 25, 10:00-12:00.  $30.00.  Intermediate- must be able to knit, increase and decrease, be familiar with circular needles, and commit to finishing homework.  No more Second-Sock-Syndrome or running out of yarn on the second toe.  Finish a pair of socks and wear them the same day.

The Zombies are Coming!  Saturdays, Oct. 13, 10:00-1:00 and Oct. 27, 10:00-12:00.  Cost of class and Kit is $28.00.  Advanced Beginner- must be able to knit and use double pointed needles.  Knit your very own Halloween Zombie!  During the first session, we will almost finish our monster, and the second session, we will finish them and add bling.  Join our fun zombie party to get in the mood for Halloween.  Choose between a jewel tone or autumn colorway yarn and your kit will be made to suit your choice including lots of extras to give your zombie its own unique personality.  Students provide size 4 double point needles, stitch marker, and tapestry needleYou must sign-up for the class and choose your yarn by Friday, Oct. 5.

Please pay for classes at the time of registration.

Ongoing Opportunities:

Sit and Knit:Tuesdays 10:00-12:00,  1:30-3:30, and Wednesdays, 1:30-3:30 No fee.

Sit and Stitch:  Wednesdays 10:00-12:00  Needlepoint group time.  No fee.

Open Knitting Class:  This is an opportunity for more intense support and instruction with your knitting project.  Thursdays, 1:30-3:30.  $5.00

Needlepoint Club: Saturdays, Sept. 15 and Oct. 20, 10:00-12:00.  Join a group  committed to learning new stitches and having fun.  No fee.

          Come join us for classes, shopping, help, or just to sit and ‘knitch’.


   Official class policies, designed to benefit our customers and to ensure the best use of our teachers’ time during your class time.

*We must have at least 2 people signed up for a class to proceed, so encourage a friend to sign up with you.  You will be notified if the class cancels due to lack of interest.

*Classes need to be paid for at the time of registration, by phone or in the shop, and are non-refundable except in special circumstances or in case of class cancellation.  (When people register for a class but never attend, class space for other interested students is lost.)

*If you are enrolling in a class lasting more than one week and need to miss one scheduled class during the session, please inform the instructor as soon as possible.  We understand life has emergencies and prior commitments and we are happy to offer make-up opportunities if needed.

*Our instructors are careful to schedule ample time between class meetings to allow students to complete their homework.   It is the student’s responsibility to be prepared for the next class or risk falling behind and making it difficult for the instructor to proceed as planned and offer as many overall learning opportunities as possible for the group.

*Please come into the shop before class day if possible to choose your materials so we can begin class prepared and use the entire 2 hours having fun, learning, and knitting together.

*Class patterns will not be distributed to non-students until after the scheduled class.  Most of our projects will be on display in the shop or we will have a photo to demonstrate the finished piece.  Sometimes we like to keep the project a secret until the time of the class!

*Basic knitting, crochet, or needlepoint skills are required for all classes other than those labeled “beginning”.

Yarn Explosion staff members are always available to help with questions or problems so please drop by anytime if you are concerned with your progress.




















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