Partners & Networks

As a small, local business, we have several strong convictions concerning our membership in the Roanoke regional community.  We strive to be a business that meets the needs of local and tourist customers, offers an inventory and service only available in a small personable establishment, and be involved in socially related causes. To this end, we have established partner relationships with several organizations we believe will add to the culture of our customers and stitching community.

Through the Artisans Center of Virginia, we have established a Retail Partnership bringing work of juried Virginia Artisans to our shop.  Rotating through will be pottery, quilt art, felted apparel, jewelry, and glass art.  We believe that all our customers are fiber artists in their own right and we wish to celebrate creative talents in Virginia.





Blue Ridge Public TV   We are now the local sponsor for the national program “Knitting Daily”.  Please see their schedule for correct showing time.


the 3/50 Project

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